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Super hero and other

Super hero and other

I have been drawing this guy a lot lately,I wanna do a story with him so far I’m thinking he’s a vampire hybrid named jam who goes around to different areas trying to calm down monsters and get them to relax so the monsters can live in harmony with the people that live in those areas (or something like that)(him name is Jam)

Sketchbook doodles

Pig page! 

Michelangelo doodle

So this week so far i’ve been practicing inking with brush pen. Here is some of the ones i liked the most.

Summer Of Trying

I’ve been watching a lot of interviews from other artists and thinking to myself “wow they’re so cool, i wish i was that cool” then i look at my sketchbook and i realize i’m not pushing myself hard enough and all my drawings seem similar. So for the rest of the summer i’m going to try hard to get out of my “comfort zone” with things like brush pens and poses and stuff like that and hopefully i can feel a sense of accomplishment and grow as an artist. Which will lead into the Fall of Trying and the Spring of Trying and always trying so i one day 50 sketchbooks from now i can see a noticeable great change in myself. (I also want to learn how to do something with watercolor) so let the summer of trying begin!

Hey Arnold!